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My Experience from BS to MS Student

这是篇英语作文,我今天交上去的,拿来blog里充数。好久没更新,不算上篇的话。因为那是个失误,本想新建个页面的,结果建成了post,WP又说我没有权限删它,就撩在哪里了。就这么草率打扫的blog,居然她的Google PR还到了4,比RSS相关的3都要高。 查看大图 这是我双休两天早上6点多爬起来赶去上课的地方~其实现在上课是件很享受的事情:眼睛不用像实验室里一样盯着显示器,而是看着远远的投影,有利视力;课间一票人踢踢毽子——广东这边巨流行的运动;中午找一圈儿人搞起杀人游戏,虽然新手太多,降低了趣味性,但毕竟很开心。 最近异常忙~继续搁置~ Time flies fast. What an old-fashioned beginning! But really it is. It’s a whole year since I came to Guangzhou for the interview. I have to say life changes hugely in this year. I haven’t imagined that I would be mentioned with “the ocean” together, however, it happened actually. “What you choose then what you afford” is quite a wonderful belief. So there is no complaint.